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Ubisoft open world games are almost a genre onto themselves


Note: this is less a single blog post but rather a hub for some smaller ones.

I love open world games.
I especially love Ubisoft open world games.

The first open world I was introduced to was Skyrim in early 2012, my friend ahd just built his own computer and was wowing us with how amazing stuff was. (same friend introduced me to Mirrors Edge, Humble Bundle, Just Cause and computer systems in general)
My second contact with open worlds was another friend who was both a playstation owner and an Assassin's Creed addict had saved up enough to buy Assassin's Creed III, this was the first Ubisoft open World I had encountered and it completely took my breath away.

It took a few years but I was able to build my own computer in late 2015 (my old laptop couldn't even play AC1) at which point I was able to properly explore series that I could only play in passing years prior.
I binged.

In that one year I bought and played the entire AC series up to black flag, at which point I burnt out.
Watchdogs and Far Cry 3 were also pretty cheap at that point so I played them.
Fallout 3, New Vegas and 4 were also completed by me that year. (can you even complete a Bethesda game?)
Skyrim remains uncompleted dispute 400+ hours in it.

In teh years since I have gotten (and played some) many games, however it is the Ubisoft Open World games that always draw me back (UOW).
Something about them is comforting in that you know what to expect and while some areas may be lacking, overall it is a pretty good experience.

There are always collectibles, which in teh better implementations test both your skill and abilities.
There are always high points that reveal the map as well as giving you a pretty danm good view.
There are always regions to liberate, with either forts or camps that progress teh liberation.

Some games may tinker with mechanics but overall the above elements are always present, and they are now pretty commonplace in non Ubisoft games.

For ease of navigation I am going to split the remainder into several sub posts.
While I will try to avid talking directly about them there may be spoilers so be warned.

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