Brendan's UL Timetable

This tool will get you timetable and convert it into a file that can be imported into Outlook.
Comes colour coded.

The UL timetable may change between now and when you start college so you may have to update it.

Instructions, desktop recommended:

  1. Go to

  2. Login

  3. Press F12 (Some laptops may require teh function key to be pressed with F12)

  4. Go to:
    • Storage (Firefox)
    • Application (Chrome)
    • Application (Edge)

  5. Cookies


  7. There will be a list of items, you will need to find the two listed below and put them into the boxes.

  8. If there is an error it will appear in red below with possible solutions

  9. If a file downloaded drag it into outlook and

  10. If your timetable changes you may need to redo the process

Previously UL had a different timetable setup where you just entered your ID and got your timetable.
In this period there were many tools that parsed the timetable, sadly due to a new enforced login their tools no longer work