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The Unoffical BnS API


Welcome all!

So I have been working on an unoffical API for the past two months or so with a soft announcement back in April (literally the footnote) I was originally hosting it in a fairly convoluted setup that included Dropbox and a lot of bad scripting, a setup that often failed and required me to use an old noisy computer to run it 24/7.

So I have been using this as a personal learning experience, delving into Node.js, SQL, Batch, PHP and a sprinkle of git for good practice. This eventually lead to me using this web-host as it uses a pay-as-you-go method. After signing up I began using the space as a testing ground to offload some of the work and figure out hosting a site, which in turn lead to me pulling the trigger on getting a proper domain and going all out.

Now to the part you are here for, the API.
Some details first:

Usage (CSV)


Ill be doing a follow up post shortly on how to use the data when it is in the spreadsheets. (done)

-Spreadsheet Lyn