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Eventually everything comes to an end. Yet there is always something new.


Hi all!

I haven’t updated my spreadsheet in a long time, nor have I posted here, I have been a bit preoccupied with my internship. My internship is mostly based around data, spreadsheets and increasing efficiency, its right up my alley. But the downside is that I havent had a huge amount of free time lately to work on my own projects. Here is a rundown of what I am doing:

Yes I am closing the pages that use SP, this accounts for more than half my entire spreadsheet. It is a fairly big milestone for me as it was this section that I started creating my spreadsheet project. Now while it may seem like an insane move bear with me to the next point.

For the past period I have been advising a new friend and fellow creator -David Reeß/queicherius.2563- about everything SP related. To be perfectly honest he is much better than I at pure creation (I am more of a modder of existing systems). Together we have made my pages on SP obsolete. It runs faster, has more data and is much more user friendly than what I have worked on.
Check it out!

Now since I am away I am currently on an old laptop, no access to the game. That doesn’t mean I have to stop being part of the community. A lot of people have created spreadsheets for Gw2, over the next week I plan to find them all, list and categorise them. It should make it easier to find them if they are all in one place. Anyone who creates a sheet for public use is free to contact me to have it added to the list.

While this post is related to Gw2 I have a few more in the pipeline over various other matters, mostly random stuff that has been bouncing around my head.