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Hey there!

This is an overview on how to convert both SkillPoints (soon to be HeroPoints) to Gold using the Mystic Forge. When the change to HeroPoints arrives I shall update this if there are any changes. This is to compliment any tool that has these promotions in it, whether it is My Sheet, EggBarons, Gw2SP2g 1 2, Gw2Shinies or soon Gw2Efficiency.

This is a form of gambling with its own associated risk as the return amount is variable, as with almost everything Forge related. Thankfully I have gathered data on all the promotions, Common:630 and Fine:188. Because of this it is fairly predictable.

SkillPoints to Gold.

At the essence this uses SP to promote a material one tier. For Common promotions an input of 250 items:

For Fine materials an input of 50 items:

To promote you will need Crystal/Philosopher’s Stone these can be gotten from the Mystic Forge Vendor. These cost SP.

Promoting items is really simple, you take input items, one of the output, dust of the same tier as the output and the MF material. Mix them all into the forge and out comes anything within the range given above. Pictures below 3.

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