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Hello world! (again)


Its been quite a while since I had a first post in a blog.
I seem to habit of returning to it every few years with each iteration leaving long term effects.

My first hello world! was in 2015 on a wordpress site at, a free domain I got, wasn't available.
Eventually I lost the domain and the free hosting I was using, along with my posts from that time.

Soon after this I got, another one I have since lost.

Two years later I tried again with wordpress at (again wasnt available).
Due to some insane luck I had the wordpress app on my phone that had cached copies of teh 2015 site.
I did write for a time on it but it fell into disuse after a while.
Part of the reason for this was it felt cumbersome-ish using wordpress.
I almost lost this site as well in a server migration.

That brings us to now, my own domain ( on a site I am writing in my own flavor of markdown with my own converter.
In essence, it is a fresh start on my own terms.
Yet I will keep my 2017 site up and running as it's a good milestone of where I have been, as well as a reminder how fragile anything on teh internet is, if the cogs are not maintained the entire thing falls into disrepair.

The goal this time round is to have a place to pop ramblings etc.
For example a post about markdown is high on my priority list.
After that I may convert some of my older, but still useful posts.
After that? Who knows.

Either way this has rambled on far too long, see you whenever.