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Mass Effect 3


As I have outlined in Hello world! (again) I have had two previous iterations of blogs over the years.
In it you can clearly see that I have lost domains, data and memories.

As seen in My tale of Nix I suspected that my wordpress install was the root cause of my issues.
Since I had it dockerised I thought it would be pretty easy to back it up, and it was, got teh files archived and everything.

Roll forwards to yesterday.
I may have had the files neatly saved away, however as I was trying to get the image up and running I fell into a pile of problems:

InnoDB: Cannot open table wpdb/wp_options from the internal data dictionary of InnoDB though the .frm file for the table exists.

Thankfully this was easy enough to solve thanks to this SO post.

Next up there was teh issue of links.
Although I changed the base domain in the DB Wordpress still had issues with having the correct paths.
A post was sometimes accessed via would be requesting
For the most part the posts were relativly accessable, however the editing pages were completely unuseable due to teh above path issues.

So I opted to copy the raw text in and customise each one to suit:

As much as I could I kept the formatting the same, which was easy for the most part.

Now that it is done I am glad, the posts have been moved out of an opaque setup into something that should be resistant to data loss and rot.
Despite how much data there is on teh internet it is far too easy for it to just go missing, permanently.
It was also a nice lookback on who I was in teh past, it would have been incredibly easy to wipe the slate clean but knowing where you have been and where you are now helps in planning where to go in teh future.