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The Customer is always right, sometimes.


Back in 2021 I was binging Fallout76 during one of their season/battlepasses.
I was using a spreadsheet to track my progress and figured there had to be a better way to track.
So I made my own tool.

Since I use my projects as means to learn new techniques/tech without getting bogged down with refactoring I took a looka t using Docker, Postgress and Oauth2.
In particular I settled on using Steam's Oauth since the game had released on the platform, and virtually all gamers (at least on PC) would have a steam account.

So I posted on Reddit about the tool.
Folks didn't like the Steam Oauth, either claiming that not all gamers have one (console players might not) or lack of knowledge how Oauth2 works. (thinking I could see their passwords).

The combination of those comments along with teh fact I was new enough to teh community (despite playing since the 2018 B.E.T.A.) lead me down a path of researching a solution.
This lead me to RemoteStorage, a project around using the database built into modern browsers allowing for all data to be stored locally.
This seemed like a perfect fit, nice tech for me to play around with and users got their requests filled.

While the idea around remote storage was good its implementation was not so great, it took a fair bit of work to get it working to my use case.
And I stopped having fun working on teh project.

Eventually not enjoying the work and getting burnt out from Fo76 lead me to abandoning teh project.

I recently started playing again, coupled with a need to revisit the project due to moving my OS over to NixOS lead me to starting dev again.
One year older I took a look at my work and decided to redo it to my liking.

I am now pretty happy with it once again.
It seems I had actually forgotten who my true Customer was, it was myself.