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Doubts and fears linger, but diminished.


Last September I posted about how I was both terrified and anxious about the upcoming year. As I worked through teh year those thoughts began to fade.

I had a rough idea that I could do well but I went in knowing that I was missing some foundations.
So far it seems my foundations were not too bad and the year has helped reinforce them.

I was anxious about being able to make new friends considering I was a decade older than.
Turns out I have made some danm good friends and my class overall is pretty danm cohesive.

I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up learning since I mostly learn iteratively, often the hard way (banging my head against teh wall until it breaks).
Again that was dispelled, in part by being able to help other's understanding as well as being able to get into teh UPSTarT summer research program.

At times it has felt like I have been plodding along, getting nowhere.
What has me in this mood right now is I have switched my server over to nixOS (post coming soon).
As part of the migration process I had to touch in with many of my old projects to prep them for the migration.

This allowed me to look back on where I have been, that coupled with the wait for my results in a few weeks (and progressing in UPSTarT) got me to look at my footsteps in teh sand.

All in all I am really happy I went back to uni, a lot of good has come out of it thus far.