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Hello, I'm Brendan

I am a 27 year old full stack web developer, currently studying Computer Systems at University of Limerick, Ireland.

I was previously studying Aeronautical Engineering, but I was not a good fit for that line of work and decided to do a bit of soul searching

I was lucky enough to find mentors like David Reess and Greaka who nudged me in the right direction.
This then lead to starting with node.js, mongodb and git.
From there I explored many different languages and tools, a selection of which can be found on the project table below.

However dispite all I had learnt I felt lacking, so in September 2021 I returned to University to study computer science.

My projects

The majority of my work is on Gitlab as open source projects, oft to solve an issue I have.
Below are some projects that have been milestones in my journey thus far.
See my Gitlab profile above for everything else.

Project Start Tools/Tech Notes
UL Timetable to ical 2022 Rust, NixOS A dev can make their own tools.
Nixos on my webserver 2022 NixOS See my post about it
Better M7 Express 2022 Rust, NixOS Can I build a better app? Yes
Classbot 2021 TS, Node.js, Sqlite3, NixOS, CI/CD A training tool for my classmates. 2022 Rust, NixOS Will it Rickroll?
This Site 2021 Rust, Markdown, NixOS, CI/CD Want some Coffee?
Markdown Converter 2021 Rust, Markdown This was a "mistake"
Fo76 Tools 2020 TS, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Express, NixOS Experimentaions with docker
Trove Downloader 2019 Rust First rust project
Homelab 2018 Linux, Networking, Docker
DataWars2 API 2018 TS, Node.js, MongoDB, Restify, NixOS
Unofficial BnS API 2017 TS, Node.js, MongoDB, Restify, NixOS First project


Location Start End Position Notes
University of Limerick 2022 2022 Student Researcher First year UL has run UPSTarT
University of Limerick 2021 Student Computer Science
Penny Medical 2016 2020 Technician
Abbott Vascular 2015 2016 Intern
University of Limerick 2012 2016 Student Aeronautical Engineering